What is “Organic Branding” and Organic Marketing”?

Organic Branding and Marketing is the art and science of presenting your brand image to the world in a way that showcases the unique and authentic personality of your Personal Brand, Professional Brand, Business or Project and is essentially – “how you convey your brand to the world”.

In today’s world people are bombarded by advertising from multiple directions everyday. When your is brand presented to the world through our organic advertising technique, the success rate skyrockets, because you are showing the world yourself and your business in an authentic way that communicates to your audience effectively and gets results. Today’s consumers and fans crave genuine interaction, they want to know that your brand or service has a heart and in some way makes the world a better place to live. Organic marketing showcases you or your business as the go-to provider for your line of expertise. Founder of “Organic Marketing Method” and “Organic Branding Method” – Celebrity Branding Expert, Brand Builder, Marketing Strategist and Graphic Artist, J. WildFlower Devereaux, leads a team of Web Designers, Copy Writers, Public Relations Experts, Graphic Artists, Brand Specialists, Art Production Staff, Event Production Specialists, Conference Production Specialist and Event Entertainers to help you put your best foot forward into the global economy.


We offer the following services:

Brand Identity Development for:

  • People (Entrepreneurs, Celebrities, Musicians, Authors, Artists and Media Personalities)
  • Businesses
  • Events
  • Shows (Concert Tours, Las Vegas Shows)
  • TV Series
  • Movies

Web Design

Graphic Design


Public Relations

Art Production & Fulfillment (for Direct Mail +)

Event Production (Awards Ceremonies, Red Carpet Events, Charity Events, Corporate/Company Parties, Holiday Parties +)

Las Vegas Conference Production (Location Scouting, Equipment Rental, Event Management & Coordination)

Event Entertainers (we have an expert staff of Fire Dancers, Psychic Readers, Fortune Tellers, Live Musicians + through our sister company, Sintilation Entertainment)

Today’s Marketing Agencies are Bi-Polar – What?!

In today’s world, many companies have separate companies or consultants providing their branding, marketing and social networking programs. Why? Because the people that started opening up marketing and web design companies since 2005 (when websites became more popular) decided to be lazy slackers, that’s right, slackers. Instead of taking the time to learn the entire spectrum of branding and marketing, from branding to print to web design to social networking and everything in between, they decided to cut their education short and open up shop with only having expertise in one specialty area. It sounded like a great idea at first, but in reality, when you have someone designing your website who doesn’t thoroughly understand your brand message, you’re wasting money in the long run.

Sintilation Studios is a one stop shop when it’s comes to marketing. “It can be quite frustrating to have different marketing professionals from different companies working on your marketing because it just becomes overwhelming to keep track of and can wreck havoc on the consistency of your brand messaging”, says founder J.W. Devereaux. The trend over the past several years is for advertising companies to only specialize in one area of marketing development, which has been frustrating for business owners who have been forced to hire different companies for their marketing needs. Many people today have separate companies fulfilling their marketing programs – separate web designers, brand developers, public relations providers, social networking providers and so on…. arg, that’s a lot to deal with and takes a ton of time to manage.

J.W. Devereaux wanted to change all of that, so instead of removing services like so many other marketing companies started doing, she decided to let Sintilation Studios be a one stop shop when it comes to just about any marketing need a company may have. That way, your brand has the opportunity to have a consistent message across any and all platforms that we develop for you.

If you already have a company providing certain marketing services for you that you’re happy with, fantastic! We can provide you with any branding and marketing services on an ala carte basis and work along side your existing providers to help create a seamless experience for your audience. If you don’t already have providers that you are working with, rest assured that we can take the reigns and handle all of your marketing needs.

An Interview With Our Founder, J.WildFlower Devereaux At Sintilation Studios, we practice “Organic Branding” and “Organic Marketing”, as WildFlower puts it. Organic Branding is all about helping you – ( as an Entrepreneur, Celebrity, Musician, Author, Artist or Media Personality ) – and your business utilize the authentic strengths that you offer to the world.  “And that’s where the magic begins”, states WildFlower. Once your strengths are identified, we help you to create a brand platform that is authentic to yourself and your business mission and also speaks the language of the global economy to help you succeed. What does that mean in lay terms? Basically, we help you to put your best foot forward, so that customers can easily understand your products or services. “I can’t tell you how many companies and entrepreneurs have really complicated and conflicting messages in their marketing materials”, says WildFlower, it’s a natural phase that every business owner faces at some point in time. “It usually happens because a business owner is looking from the inside out. That’s where we come in. Having an outside view of your business, we’re able to see your business from the outside looking in… and since that is precisely what your customers are doing every day, you may as well look good, right?!

She continues, “Sometimes you just need a fresh pair of eye to see your business from the outside in”. “To see what your business or brand identity is today, not 5 years ago, but today. As your business or identity as an entrepreneur grows and develops over the years, it’s important to make sure that your branding message to the world is keeping up to your evolving business. As we listen to your business goals we’ll help you create a consistent and simple brand message to best utilize the preferences, and the buying patterns of your target market.” “Don’t let my musical side or my flowerie name fool you”, says WildFlower, “when it comes to business and marketing, I’m all about business, conveying authentic marketing messages…. and helping people and companies succeed”.

She has personally studied branding and marketing from some of the top business and marketing experts in the world, including the New York Times Best Selling Author of “The Science Of Influence”, Kevin Hogan. Sintilation Studios has evolved throughout the years as well, “Starting in 1997 as Devereaux Design”, WildFlower continues, “I decided to evolve the name of my company to match the evolution of the company”. WildFlower opened the virtual doors to the first evolution of Sintilation Studios right after graduating with honors from Minnesota School Of Computer Imaging with a degree in Advertising Design & Multimedia Development in 1997.  Since then, she’s been hired to personally spearhead branding and marketing campaigns for some of the biggest names in Hollywood – and in the global media today.


To Get Started with one of our Personal Branding, Business Branding or Marketing Programs As a starting point to see if it’s a fit to work together, at Sintilation Studios, we offer a complimentary 15 minute Brand Exploration Session to determine how we can best help you with branding and marketing yourself or your business. Contact us to schedule your complimentary Brand Exploration Session.


 Sintilation Celebrity Branding Center


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WildFlower – Celebrity Brand Consultant, Personal Branding Consultant and Founder of Sintilation Studios – has personally spearheaded Celebrity Branding and Celebrity Marketing Campaigns for some of the biggest names in Hollywood – and in the global media today. Using her signature “Organic Personal Branding Method” and “Organic Marketing Method”, she helps celebrities rev up their careers to take them to the next level as well as helping to revamp stale careers that need a little TLC.

Since the early 2000’s, many ad agencies have used the term, “Celebrity Branding”, to describe the “Personal Branding” they do with celebrities. But, WildFlower was actually the woman who started the “Celebrity Branding Revolution” all the way back in the 90’s, when most people were just getting their first cell phones and switching from cassettes to CD’s. WildFlower’s client list is unsurpassed in the unique variety of celebrity clientele she has created Personal Branding and marketing campaigns for. Her client list includes Academy & Grammy Winner’s, New York Times Best Selling Authors, High Profile Media Personalities, Models and some of the most popular brands in the world today like Polaris, Samsung, Dish Network, ADT, Toro, US Bank and NetZero. 

WildFlower works personally with all of our celebrity clientele and creates customized programs for each celebrity, (or people who live high profile lives in the spotlight), through our Sintilation Celebrity Branding Center, which specializes in the following Celebrity Branding Services:

  • Celebrity Branding / Personal Branding Programs For Celebrities – From Concept and Logos to Websites, Book Jackets and Press Releases – we offer a full line of Advertising Agency Services.

  • Celebrity Image Consulting From help with picking out what to wear for an appearance on a TV talk show or a red carpet event to updating your entire “Public Appearance” wardrobe to deciding what press photos to use to convey an evolving brand message.

  • Business Coaching For Celebrities – Helping celebrities guide their business towards brand superiority and financial success.

  • Life Coaching For Celebrities – Focusing on “Life Balance” and “Career Balance” to help you cultivate a fulfilling and balanced life while maintaining a high profile career. 

“WildFlower was a trend setter from the word GO”

WildFlower launched the first online advertising agency back in the 90’s that specialize in “Celebrity Branding”, “Celebrity Brand Building”, “Celebrity Brand Management” and “Celebrity Marketing Services” – and uses this expertise to help manage existing celebrity brands and those who want to have celebrity brands (for themselves or their company) today. She is perhaps the most well known and sought after Celebrity Branding Expert in the world today who helps celebrities “cultivate relevancy” and “get their sexy back” (as she puts it) to build or amp up their celebrity status or revive their careers.  

As WildFlower puts it, “Look, if you want to have more than 15 minutes of fame, you’ve got to have an extraordinary brand. Anyone can have 15 minutes of fame. But those 15 minutes fade pretty quickly if you don’t have an effective brand campaign that keeps you relevent. Every industry in the world has celebrities, from movie stars and authors to models and actors to medical doctors and chefs – you can be a star at anything you do, the important thing to do is to set yourself apart from everyone else, and that’s where I come in. The true test of being a celebrity – or a recognized expert in any field – depends on 2 factors – the two “L’s”:

1. Longevity

2. Lifespan

Now, longevity is about continuing to remain relevant in your field – amidst the clutter of the “too much information age”. Lifespan is about “how you do it”. 

As Actress Goldie Hawn put it: “There are only three ages for women in Hollywood – Babe, District Attorney, and Driving Miss Daisy”

Lifespan of product rollouts is the key to cultivating longevity of celebrity status. For instance, if you are an actress, it’s important that you have a film/tv show/play currently playing on media outlets – or that you’ll have one being released in the next year or 2 in order to remain relevant in the public eye. Another way to combat the “fatigue” of one career to to be a multi-faceted celebrity and write a book, direct a film, be the face of a cause you believe in and go on the talk show circuit to promote it. Take a look at Alicia Silverstone, she went from the dim-witted girl starring in “Clueless” in the 90’s to being a New York Times Best Selling Author pitching healthy organic lifestyles – and she used her existing celebrity status to “bridge the gap” into becoming an author by incorporating her new career of being an author into her celebrity status.”

WildFlower goes on to say, “I do it in my own business, I’m a multi-faceted entrepreneur – a “maverick entrepreneur” as I like to call it. Some people call me a renaissance entrepreneur because back in the renaissance era, it was common for artists to cultivate expertise in a variety of areas. I own several businesses and always will. I like to follow my own marketing advice. Yes, I am a Celebrity Branding Expert and have a degree in marketing, but I’m also a lifelong musician (vocalist, producer and percussionist) a professionally trained dancer (began dancing on stage at age 5) and Fire Dancer. I’m also a natural born Psychic Medium and opened an institute in 2002 to provide psychic consultations and teach people how to expand their own intuition, find life balance and live an inspired life. And I own an entertainment company that provides psychics, fortune tellers, fire dancers, dj’s and more for parties and corporate events. I always have some kind of product or service that I’m rolling out – and that has been what’s kept me on the map for about 2 decades now and will continue to for years to come.”

“Even the name I use in my career was a carefully crafted decision. I decided to use my middle name, “WildFlower” in business because it not only sets me apart from anyone else, but it conveys my own authentic, unique and creative personality from the get-go. Believe me, people may respond a bit strangely at first because well, my name is unusual, and sometimes when first hearing my name without meeting me, some people think that I’m some naive flower child hippie chick or something, but once we get to chatting and they see – not only my passion for business, entrepreneurship and free enterprise – but also how I’m a strategic organizer and a grounded businesswoman who appreciates creativity in every aspect of my life and business – they warm up to my name.”

“They either love me or hate me… but they’ll never forget my name.”

She continues, “The important thing to remember about the celebrity game, is why “celebrity status” is important. Basically when you have “celebrity status”, it simply means that more people know about you – and your business (products or services – or products/services you represent) and that helps you to:

A. Have more success in your career.

B. Have more cash flow on your books. (if you do it properly)

And let’s face it, cash flow is the life’s blood of every business.”

Wildflower then speaks to a strange phenomena called “Celebrity Poverty”. “I can’t tell you how many celebrities I’ve known throughout the years who are living in “celebrity poverty” and are not taking full advantage of their celebrity status to leverage more income for their business. I’ve hung out with friends at clubs who had “celebrity status” and watched as people come up to them asking for their autographs all night long – and then when it comes time to pay the bill at the end of the night, they hardly have the money to pay it. I mean, the sheer number of TV show stars and authors I know who are missing the mark on generating massive amounts of cash flow for their business is ridiculous. It happens because they are simply not putting out the proper types of “downloadable info products” or “members only content hubs” for sale. I mean, an author only gets so much money from a $17 book sold on Amazon, right?! So, if an author doesn’t have multiple streams of income set up, they are setting themselves up for a crash in the long term. That’s why I like to look at every career and business from a holistic perspective and guide people towards making sound decisions with their brand and revenue sources that will carry them not only into next year, but into their long term career goals.”

“If you’re not making money, it’s a hobby – not a business.” – WildFlower

In our Celebrity Branding Program, I not only personally guide celebrities through creating effective brands that stand the test of time, but I also coach them to cultivate success in life and business.

A note from WildFlower:

As a celebrity, it’s important to take a step back and take a look at how your brand image affects your career and do what is necessary to evolve your image and re-invent yourself in a way that keeps you on the cutting edge and relevant to your audience. You are in the driver’s seat when it comes to the audience’s perception of you. Are you presenting the best image for your brand and for the future of your career?

Sometimes you just need someone with an eye for style and a knack for public relations who understands what your career needs to tell you what to wear and not wear, what to say and not say, what to do and not do – and that’s where I come in. I’ve met celebrities from all walks of life and understand that the “larger than life” image on the screen is just that, an image. Celebrities are people who have unique needs, because in a world of “yes-men”, managers and fans, it can be tough to feel relaxed around people if you feel like you always need to be “ON” – and well, frankly, it can feel isolating to be a celebrity in today’s world. I’m not only interested in hearing about what your manager wants for your career, this Organic Branding stuff is real and it’s about helping you to have fun making money – and create not only a successful career, but create a life you love as well. And you can rest assured that I won’t be intimidated by any celebrity status you may have, I’ll tell it to you like it is. If your hat does or doesn’t look good, I’ll tell you either way … lol.

Sometimes people need a Total Personal Brand Overhaul to revive an exhausted career or perhaps just a boost to make it through the next movie, book or album launch. I help celebrities not only identify any issues with their current brand – but steer it’s evolution to help create longevity that will last a lifetime. Sometimes people need a little help identifying more “money makers” in their business, sometimes people need a “Celebrity Brand Manager” to manage their brands. And sometimes people just need a little help with picking out what to wear for an appearance on a TV talk show or a red carpet event. Sometimes people need some guidance on how to update their entire wardrobe… and sometimes people just need a little help deciding what press photos to use to convey an evolving brand message. Whatever your needs are, we’ll work with you to create a custom program tailored just for you. 

When it comes to Celebrity Branding and Image Consulting – and it’s importance on your brand, consider the material girl herself, Madonna and why she has remained relevant for over 30 years. She remains relevant because she has systematically “re-invented” herself over and over again…. before whatever she was wearing in her last tour or video grew stale. I mean, from “Like A Virgin” to “Like A Prayer” to Author of Children’s Books?! That’s some heavy-hitting strategy going on there!

Now, you don’t need to be a saucy, what-color-is-my-hair-this-month singer with a racy side to take advantage of what Celebrity Branding has to offer. You could be an author who is trying to re-invent yourself for your upcoming book release that might have a different spin on it then your previous book, you could be an actor who has had a bad-boy image and wants to appear more family friendly for your upcoming movie release, an actress making the transition from child actor to adult actor – who has had a goodie two-shoes appearance and wants to step out in a racier way (think Britney at the music awards with Madonna – a highly planned strategy to change her image from good girl to no-so-good-girl) or you could be a business professional who wants to shift up your image to be a bit more friendly and not-so-serious looking so that you can get a better response from your sales calls. Whatever your situation is, be assured that I’ll give you honest and forthright guidance on how to evolve your brand image along with your career.

To Get Started As a starting point to see if it’s a fit to work together, at Sintilation Studios, we offer a complimentary 15 minute Brand Exploration Session to determine how we can best help you with branding and marketing yourself or your business. Contact us to schedule your complimentary Brand Exploration Session.